Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves

Astrophysics is that the branch of natural philosophy that deals with the physics of the universe, particularly with “the nature of the heavenly bodies, instead of their positions or motions in space”. Among the objects studied area unit galaxies, stars, planets, additional star planets, the interstellar space and also the cosmic microwave background. 

Gravitational waves are disturbances within the curvature of area time, generated by accelerated plenty that propagate as waves outward from their supply at the speed of sunshine. Attractive force waves transport energy as attractive force radiation, a variety of energy just like no particulate radiation. 


  • Quantum gravity, wave-particle aspects, and graviton
  • Gravitational wave astronomy
  • Gravitational radiation
  • Black hole binaries
  • Spinning neutron stars
  • Observational astrophysics
  • Theoretical astrophysics

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