Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Black Holes

Dark Matter is the slight portion of that visible matter current in the universe which sums up to form a total of 27 %. The matter is made up of particles called baryons. Scientists even though it’s a result of a long-discarded form of Einstein's theory of gravity, one that limited the "cosmological constant" but even that didn't give them the answer they were looking for. So they obviously take to name it is Dark Energy.  Almost 68% of the entire cosmos is dark energy, 27% composes of Dark Matter and all the other normal matter encompasses to 5%. Black Holes are great amount of matter packed together in a very small area which then results in huge gravitational force that even light could discharge through it.


  • Baryonic matter
  • Non-baryonic matter
  • Cold dark matter
  • Warm dark matter
  • Hot dark matter

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